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Analysis of the current situation of China’s battery tray industry in 2023

Overview of battery box

The battery box (battery tray) is an important part of the power system of new energy vehicles and an important guarantee for the safety of the battery system. It is also a highly customized component of electric vehicles. The overall structure of a car battery can be divided into power battery modules, structural systems, electrical systems, thermal management systems, BMS, etc. The battery structure system, that is, the new energy vehicle battery tray, is the skeleton of the battery system and can provide impact resistance, vibration resistance and protection for other systems. The battery tray has gone through different stages of development, from the initial steel box to the current aluminum alloy tray.

The main functions of the battery box include strength support, waterproof and dustproof, fire prevention, heat diffusion prevention, corrosion prevention, etc. The power battery box is generally installed on the mounting bracket under the car chassis, including metal structures such as the box upper cover, end plates, trays, liquid cooling plates, bottom guards, etc. The upper and lower boxes are connected by bolts or other methods, and the middle joint surface Seal with IP67 grade sealant.
The battery box material forming process includes stamping, aluminum alloy die-casting and aluminum alloy extrusion. The overall process flow of the power battery box includes material molding process and assembly process, among which the material molding process is the key process of the power battery box. According to the classification of material forming processes, there are currently three major technical routes for power battery boxes, namely stamping, aluminum alloy die-casting and aluminum alloy extrusion. Among them, stamping has the advantages of high precision, strength and rigidity, and extrusion is more expensive. Low, suitable for mainstream battery packs. At present, the upper casing is mainly stamped, and the main processes of the lower casing are aluminum alloy extrusion forming and aluminum alloy die-casting.

Post time: Jan-23-2024