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The Impact Of Soft Pack Battery Tray On New Energy Industry

Electric energy storage is an extremely important key technology in the new energy industry system. With the continuous development of pouch battery technology, pouch battery trays have also emerged as the times require. As one of the leading manufacturers of battery trays in China, Zhejiang Lingying Technology has taken soft-pack battery trays as one of its strategic products, and it is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the development of the new energy industry and a healthy future.

As a new battery technology, the pouch battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, high energy density, good safety, and long service life. This kind of battery has gradually become the main power source in the fields of new energy vehicles, logistics, and energy storage. The pouch battery tray also plays an important supporting role in the manufacture, transportation and storage of pouch batteries. The pouch battery tray products of Zhejiang Lingying Technology, according to the characteristics of pouch batteries, focus on protecting the safety of pouch batteries, and at the same time improve the storage efficiency of pouch batteries.


Compared with traditional block batteries and thick sheet batteries, pouch batteries have a more special shape and require more professional battery trays for protection. The pouch battery tray of Zhejiang Lingying Technology uses high-strength and cost-effective plastic materials, and adopts overheating welding process to make the structure stronger and more durable, which is an ideal choice for pouch battery trays.

The development of the new energy industry is inseparable from the application of soft-pack battery trays, and the adoption of soft-pack battery trays is also driving the growth of the new energy industry. With the country's support for renewable energy, more and more new energy vehicle parts manufacturers and new energy battery manufacturers have begun to turn to soft-pack battery technology, which has also brought greater market demand for soft-pack battery trays.

In the future, the pouch battery tray will show diversified features, such as large capacity, high performance, refinement, environmental protection, etc., as well as more personalized application requirements. With its unique corporate culture and innovative product R&D capabilities, Zhejiang Lingying Technology is constantly optimizing and improving its products to create the most suitable soft pack battery tray for the new energy industry.

In short, as one of the indispensable items in the new energy industry, the soft pack battery tray has become an industry trend and an important factor in promoting the development of the new energy industry. Manufacturers of plastic battery trays represented by Zhejiang Lingying Technology are contributing to the healthy development of the new energy industry.

Post time: Mar-31-2023