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Soft packaging battery pressurized tray.

Zhejiang Linying Technology soft packaging battery pressurized tray: simplify the equipment process, save equipment costs, and quickly realize battery model replacement

With the rapid development of electric vehicles and renewable energy, battery technology, as the core of energy storage, has also developed rapidly. Against this background, Zhejiang Linying Technology has launched a pressurized tray for flexible packaging batteries, providing a new solution for the formation/partial volume process of battery production.

The soft packaging battery pressurized tray is designed for compressed batteries. According to the size of the pouch battery, this is a special tray for storing pouch batteries. Compared with traditional battery pressurizing equipment, this innovative design simplifies the equipment process, saves equipment costs, and also achieves the advantage of rapid battery model replacement.

First of all, the design of the soft packaging battery pressurization tray takes into account the size and special shape of the pouch battery, ensuring the stability and safety of the battery during the pressurization process. This design not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces production losses caused by irregular battery shapes, saving battery manufacturers a lot of costs.

Secondly, the use of pressurized trays for flexible packaging batteries simplifies the equipment process. Traditional battery pressurizing equipment usually needs to be adjusted for different types of batteries, while the flexible packaging battery pressurizing tray realizes the design of multiple types of battery pressurizing trays at one time through precise size design, greatly simplifying the equipment adjustment process. , improve production efficiency.

In addition, the flexible packaging battery pressurized tray also has the advantage of quickly realizing battery model replacement. In the traditional production process, battery model replacement usually requires the replacement of pressurizing equipment or tedious adjustments. The soft-packed battery pressurized tray can quickly realize the replacement of battery models through simple adjustments or replacement of trays, greatly improving production. flexibility and efficiency.

In general, Zhejiang Linying Technology’s flexible packaging battery pressurized tray not only meets the demand for compressed batteries in the battery production process, but also brings revolution in simplifying the equipment process, saving equipment costs, and quickly realizing battery model replacement. sexual innovation. This innovative design not only brings huge economic benefits to battery manufacturers, but also injects new vitality into the development of the entire battery industry. We look forward to Zhejiang Lingying Technology continuing to launch more innovative products in the future and contributing more to the development of the battery industry.

Post time: Apr-12-2024