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Plastic Battery Tray For New Energy





According to the size of the pouch battery,this is a tray specially for storing the pouch battery,which is used for the Formation/partial volume process of the production of the cell.


All-round protection of the cell,compatible with universal, fast realization the cell model replacement.

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Main Functions And Features

1. Plastic battery trays are portable, lightweight, and robust, making them perfect for both short- and long-distance travel.

2. Battery protection: The battery can be secured in the plastic battery tray to guard against collision or tilt damage while in transit and to keep it away from contact with corrosive and moist elements.

3. Increase output: A plastic battery tray may neatly stack and arrange batteries, increasing storage capacity and allowing for simple pick-up and management.

Main application scenarios

1. Ecologically friendly materials: Plastic battery trays are constructed of ecologically friendly materials that are reliable, safe, and non-toxic as well as odorless and non-producers of hazardous compounds.

2. Plastic battery trays have excellent corrosion resistance over an extended period of time. They may be reused, which reduces costs.

3. Size standardization: Plastic battery trays are made according to international standards and have a predetermined size and construction that makes them suitable for a wide range of battery models and specifications. They're also simple to transport and store.

4. Safety and health: The plastic battery tray is smooth, easy to clean, pollution-free, and can effectively avoid the battery contact with dirty things and bacteria. This helps maintain the quality of battery goods and user health.

List of customer purchasing concerns

1. What distinguishes your items from others in the market?

We are able to provide a variety of trays, including plastic and restricted trays, as well as tailor the necessary machinery that will be utilized in the battery production line.

2. Normally, how long does your mold last? How can I keep up daily?How much volume can each mold hold?

The mold is typically used for 6–8 years, and everyday upkeep is handled by a specific individual. Each mold has a production capacity of 300K–500KPCS.

3. How long does it typically take your business to produce samples and remove molds? 3. How long does it take for your business to supply items in bulk?

The creation of the mold and creation of the sample will take 55–60 days, and if the sample is confirmed, mass manufacturing will take 20–30 days.

4. What is the firm's overall capacity? The size of your business? What is the production's annual value?

With 60 people and a facility that is more than 5,000 square meters, we produce 150K plastic pallets annually and 30K restrained pallets. By 2022, our annual output value will be USD155 million.

5. What testing tools is your business equipped with?

Adapts the gauge to the product, outside micrometers, internal micrometers, and other factors.

6. What is the company's quality-control procedure?

After opening the mold, we will test the sample, and once the sample is validated, we will repair the mold. enormous commodities are first created in tiny batches, then after they have stabilized, in enormous quantities.

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Lingying Technology were founded in 2017.Expand to be two factories in 2021,In 2022,was nominated as a high-tech enterprise by the government, basic on more than 20 invention patents.More than 100 production equipments,factory area more than 5000 square meters."To establish a career with precision and win with quality" is our eternal pursuit.





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