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Soft pack lithium battery tray





According to the size of the pouch battery,this is a tray specially for storing the pouch battery,which is used for the Formation/partial volume process of the production of the cell.



All-round protection of the cell,compatible with universal, fast realization the cell model replacement.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Material environmental protection: plastic battery tray using environmental protection materials, meet the requirements of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, does not produce dangerous substances, safe and reliable.
2. Durable corrosion resistance: plastic battery tray has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, reusable, reduce cost.
3.Size standardization: plastic battery tray has a fixed size and structure, in line with international standards, suitable for a variety of battery models and specifications, and convenient storage and transportation.
4. Safety and health: The plastic battery tray is smooth, easy to clean, no pollution, can effectively avoid the battery contact with dirty substances and bacteria, to ensure the quality of battery products and user health.

Application scenario

1.Battery manufacturers: In the process of battery production, batteries need to be classified, stored and transported. Plastic battery trays can effectively protect batteries, improve production efficiency and reduce losses.
2.Battery dealers: Battery dealers need to classify, store, display and sell batteries of various specifications and models. The plastic battery tray can arrange and stack batteries neatly, which is easy to manage and take goods, and ensure the quality of batteries.
3. Logistics company: In the process of battery transportation, it is necessary to ensure the safety and no damage to the battery, but also to improve the transportation efficiency and reduce the cost. The plastic battery tray has the characteristics of light, strong and durable, which can provide effective help for the transportation of logistics companies.
In short, as an efficient, environmentally friendly and durable battery storage and transportation tool, plastic battery tray is widely used in the battery industry and logistics industry.

Our Factory


Our Company


Lingying Technology were founded in 2017.Expand to be two factories in 2021,In 2022,was nominated as a high-tech enterprise by the government, basic on more than 20 invention patents.More than 100 production equipments,factory area more than 5000 square meters."To establish a career with precision and win with quality" is our eternal pursuit.





List of customer purchasing concerns

1.What are the differences of your products in the industry?
We can offer many kinds of trays ,including plastic trays,restrained trays and customize the relevant equipment which will be used in the battery production line

2.How long does your mold normally last? How to maintain daily? What is the capacity of each mold?
The mold is normally used for 6~8 years, and there is a special person responsible for daily maintenance. The production capacity of each mold is 300K~500KPCS

3. How long does it take for your company to make samples and open molds? 3. How long does your company's bulk delivery time take?
It will take 55~60 days for mold making and sample making, and 20~30 days for mass production after sample confirmation.

4. What is the total capacity of your company? How large is your company? What is the annual value of production?
It is 150K plastic pallets per year, 30K restrained pallets per year, we have 60 employees, more than 5,000 square meters of plant, On the year of 2022 ,annual output value is USD155 millions

5.What testing equipment does your company have?
Customizes the gauge according to the product,outside micrometers,inside micrometers and so on.

6. What is your company's quality process?
We will test the sample after opening the mold, and then repair the mold until the sample is confirmed. Large goods are produced in small batches first, and then in large quantities after stability.

Any inquiries we are happy to reply, feel free to send your questions

Email: lingying_tech1@163.com

Tel/Wechat: 0086-13777674443

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